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dear_honesty's Journal

Don't Ask, If you don't want the truth...
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I Dont know how many advice communities Ive looked at and seen that the community is active but the "advice" giver is not. Trust Me, this will not be Me.

A good friend of mine, said I should open up, my own "Dear Abby" type of column, since all people(ex-boyfriends of mine,non friends, ect..you know the unusual type)do is come to me for advice. I have been affectionately named the Problem slover, and proudly live up to my name.But since I'm not trying to sell my own thoughts and feelings and my view on the truth, I'll just let you see for yourself. Go ahead, Ask Anything, Im listing.

I'm not much for rules, but who is?

Community Rules
1. No Nasty Comments. If you get the urge to reply to an question, keep it postive and helpful. A bad apple spoils the bunch.
2.Locking your posts isnt required, but if you must, go ahead.
3. Also, Private posts, are allowed, but make sure I can see them.. I mean, if you want :)
4.Ask Anything, no question is to big or to small. But Please, dont post your Homework..you'll learn it better if you do it yourself :)

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